Cockpit collection nearing completion

Thanks to a generous loan, we have nearly completed our list of required items for the restoration of our Trident’s cockpit.

Andy Mattacks, who owns a full motion simulator of Trident 3B G-AWZQ, has kindly loaned the items needed to us from his collection.

You can see the collection in the picture in this post, which are all in excellent condition. We now only require three pieces of instrumentation to complete the cockpit.

Andy has been a friend of Neil Lomax for 15 years, and through that was happy to help out with the loan of these items. Our thanks go out to Andy for his help and support.

Currently Andy’s Trident simulator is unserviceable due to a problem in the computer system. If anyone out there has experience in Redifon systems and could offer help to him, please contact us through the site.

He bought the simulator from British Airways in 1986 and got it running in the early 1990s. He also has simulators of a DC-9 and Buccaneer.

4 thoughts on “Cockpit collection nearing completion

  1. Bill Cooper says:

    Have you fixed the computer in the simulator yet? – If not please give details of problem & location of simulator.

    Rgds, Billco.

  2. Mike says:

    Interesting – ex-Redifon Flight Simulator programmer; did you get it fixed?



  3. John Anderson says:


    Did the simulator ever get fixed?

  4. Mark Dobson says:

    Would love to see this project completed. Pilot on the ‘groundgripper’ for seven years

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