Happy New Year – First Year Accounts

Let us take this opportunity to wish you all a Happy New Year and all the best for 2011. For us, we hope it will bring swift progress on our bid to take G-ARPO up to Sunderland, and we’re aiming to meet in the next couple of weeks to start again.

We now have the accounts for our first year of operation available. We won’t post these online, but if you have donated to the project you are more than welcome to request a copy to be sent to you.

We want to be transparent with our spending and prove that we are not wasting the money that has been so kindly donated to us by you. To request a copy, please contact us.

2 thoughts on “Happy New Year – First Year Accounts

  1. Brewster Waddell says:

    How much have you raised so far? I used to live in Italy and attended boarding school in the UK. I traveled on BEA Tridents 6-8 times a year between Pisa and Heathrow. I am not sure if I ever flew a Trident 1, but know that I frequently flew on Trident II’s and III’s. Great planes!

    I run a donor advised fund in my son’s name and will consider, not only a donation, but to get additional donors in the Dallas-Ft. Worth (Texas), metroplex to donate too. Aviation is a big part of the Dallas community with Ametican Airlines being headquartered here. Let me see what I can do…


    Brewster H. Waddell

    P.S. I learned about this project on YouTube so advertising in all forms of media does work…

  2. admin says:

    Hi Brewster, thanks for the comment!
    We have raised around £2000 so far, but need more in order to move the aircraft. If you could arrange any help we would really appreciate it!

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