Wings clipped but ready to fly!

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Two more days of work on G-ARPO at Durham Tees Valley and the last stage of dismantling the aircraft is now complete!

Over Thursday and Friday we worked on removing the wings from the aircraft so that she can be transported by road to the North East Aircraft Museum at Sunderland. We had worked out that it would be possible to cut outside of the main landing gear which would make reattaching the wings much easier, and also allow the aircraft to stand on its feet much earlier without reattaching the gear.

The first day proved quite laborious with the wing refusing to come away from the fuselage. Despite cutting and snapping all of the main spars, and the wing lying on on the ground, it still would not detach. However, this morning we got it free.

Work on the second wing was much quicker and that was removed after only two hours of cutting.

We are now at the stage of organising transport permits and the logistics of the move and should be able to announce something fairly soon.

Our thanks go out to all the sponsors who helped us this week: MSD Cranes, RES Teesdale Scaffold, JDPL, JParr (Mboro), St George Hotel, HSS Hire, Hire Station and of course Serco

The move is going to cost a lot of money, so please consider donating if you’re able to. Every £1 helps!

Here are some pictures from this week:

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