January Update

Jan 23rd, 2012 | By | Category: Featured articles, Project News

The team have spent a number of hours working on G-ARPO during January – particularly our guys based at the museum, including Dave Matthews.

Over the past weekend we tried filling a few of the tires (including those on the donated Trident 1E leg) to check their condition ahead of the planned moving of the aircraft in the near future. This was fairly promising, but the condition of some tires and wheels means more attention is needed.

Given the weather we spent most time working inside. We plan to make a lot of progress on restoring the forward cabin as a priority, making it presentable. To do this, many of the window frames have been cleaned (ready to be re-sprayed). Dave has also been cleaning the PSU units (the panels above passengers heads)

This weekend we fitted new wall coverings on some of the dividers at the front of the cabin, which instantly give it a clean look which we are very pleased with.

If anyone would like to sponsor carpeting or seat covers (remember, you can sponsor a seat on this link), please get in touch or donate.

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