The forward cabin workshopYesterday we had another working day on G-ARPO at the North East Aircraft Museum.

Dave and Roy have been working hard in between our visits on the interior of the cabin, and on this trip we had chance to see the work they’ve done.

Roy has been crafting panels and other patches out of wood, and is now working on the forward galley area. Meanwhile Dave has been clearing and sprucing up the forward lavatory and other areas of the cabin.

Clean toilet!

Yesterday we also spent time sanding and cleaning the doors and entrance areas, and fairly soon we’ll be in a position to paint the interior of the forward cabin. Following this we will be able to have carpets and seat covers made.

It’s great to see so much progress internally, and we’re really looking forward to the day that we can show people around, even if we haven’t got the wings back on yet!

Don’t forget to donate if you can. It all goes towards the aircraft!