More interior painting work

Jun 19th, 2012 | By | Category: Featured articles, Project News

This past weekend we completed more interior paint work in Trident G-ARPO.

The underside of the PSUs (passenger controls above your head) were painted, as were two of the doors. In addition, we painted second coats on the window panels.

Dave and Roy have also continued working this week on painting work, and new member Pete Dunn is beginning to look at the corrosion on the tail pieces in a bid to repair them ahead of future work.

Again, thanks to Johnstone’s and Leyland for their help in the costs of this paint.



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  1. Hello!My name is Quentin,I’m French and I am 13,I love planes since 10 years,the Trident is a amazing plane and we must save it.I’m sorry but I can’t donate because I’m minor but I’m with you and I hope you find donate and save the Hawker Trident.Good luck

    Quentin Impériale

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