BPI Polythene Sponsorship

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Black Polythene Membrane

BPI Polythene has kindly agreed to sponsor our project by providing some rolls of black polythene membrane.

We will use this to wrap the aircraft’s tail, horizontal stabiliser, and wing ends, to protect them from being exposed to the imminent British winter!

This will minimise corrosion and damage from exposure.

They will also be delivering this to us at the museum free of charge, so we can’t thank them enough for their support.

BPI Polythene are one of the leading manufacturers of polythene products. They supply over 275,000 tonnes each year for a wide variety of everyday applications and their recycling plants reprocess over 80,000 tonnes of UK waste from industrial, commercial, agricultural and domestic sources.

BPI PolytheneHave a look at their website to find out more, and please consider using them: http://www.bpipoly.com/

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