We love carpets! Franks Factory Flooring fit out the Trident

Posted on Sep 28, 2012 in Featured articles, Project News | 0 comments

Franks Factory Flooring LogoWe got some fantastic news yesterday as Franks Factory Flooring agreed to sponsor our carpet needs in the Trident.

Franks specialise in a massive selection of different flooring and carpet types, and they have stores located throughout the North East. So they were the natural choice for us, both because they are local, and because they had so many carpets to choose from. So we knew we’d find the most authentic option for fitting out G-ARPO.

Aviation CarpetWe’ve selected a charcoal, heavy duty carpet for the forward cabin, which is authentic to those used with Northeast Airlines.

Franks don’t just deal with heavy duty or industrial flooring. They can help you carpet your home or office, and offer a free estimating service and loads of advice on what would work best. Their prices are great too!

You can see their store locator here: http://www.frankstheflooringstore.com/store-locator.aspx

And as Frank famously says ‘I Love Carpets, Me!’, we’ll happily announce ‘We love Frank’s, us!’ We cannot thank them enough for their support.

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